Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property (096815s)

Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property (096815s)

Teacher: Mr. Yonathan Lerner
Office hours: by appointment
Room: BEIC

Teaching assistant: Mr. Daniel Muller
Office hours: by appointment
Room: Cooper 424

Time: Lecture: Wednesday 14:30-17:30
Location: Bloomfield #527
Credit points: 3
Students: 3rd & 4th year Technion undergraduates and graduates (Maximum 24 students)

Course overview
The commercialization of new technologies presents a unique challenge for entrepreneurs. The high tech entrepreneurial process involves the identification of a relevant new technology, the discovery of the business opportunity for the technology, protecting the intellectual property and organizing the resources (people, capital and social network) to exploit the opportunity. The purpose of the course is to experience the early stages of the entrepreneurial processes through the study of theory, real-world examples, and practical exercises. Moreover, the course will provide the students with insights into their own entrepreneurial capabilities and motivations.

Course objectives
1. Understanding the entrepreneurial process and its different phases;
2. Understanding Intellectual Property from legal, policy and management standpoints;
3. Learning and applying Patent Search and Patent Filing;
4. Learning to pitch an idea;
5. Getting acquainted with the high tech industry and its echo system in Israel;
6. Learning to budget a new startup firm;
7. Learning to prepare an investor Presentation;
8. Gaining insight into one’s personal entrepreneurial capabilities and motivations for entrepreneurship career;
9. Learning from experienced entrepreneurs and practitioners;
10. Learning by doing.

Course’s Main Outlines
• Teams of 3 students each (maximum 8 teams) create and develop an idea for a new business, preferably in high-tech areas.
• During the course, the teams prepare a presentation and executive summary for the commercialization of their idea and present it at the end of the course.
• Teams apply the concepts taught in the course to perform technology assessment, patent search, propose possible applications for the technology, perform preliminary market validation, and accordingly develop a first cut business model and a resource plan.
Teams are expected to gather information on the technology, industry, and markets by interviewing potential customers, competitors, interested players and potential partners and by searching public databases.
The teaching team mentors the teams throughout the course through weekly in-class and off-class appointments.
• Although lectured in Hebrew, group assignments will be written in English.

Course Assignments
Each team will propose an idea or select one from the Technicon’s patents portfolio and develop such an idea into a business of a new product/service.

The idea will be selected and submitted for approval of the teaching team.

Team assignments (in English):
1. Patent Search and Assessment
2. Idea’s Pitch
3. Investor Presentation
4. Executive Summary of for a new startup

Personal assignment (in Hebrew)
A Personal Assessment of Entrepreneurial Teaching Capabilities and Motivations.